I have been thoroughly enjoying my new studio location in downtown Nashville, right by the Nashville Exchange Cafe this year.

I have met some wonderful and very interesting people.

One such person is my good friend, Jim.  We initially met to discuss making some copies of old snapshots of him and his wife (who has passed on.)  These were to be gifts to his adult children and his sister-in-law.  We did just that.  While looking through his images, he told me stories about each one.  This one in particular was significant to him.  I could tell.  He talked about how they loved their time at this little house and it held fond memories.  His wife, Beth, did not like to be photographed, but he did it anyway ; )  She was sitting on the porch of this little house, doing one of her favorite pass times, reading.  Around the porch are the flowers she loved to grow.
This photograph held special memories for him.

I knew I wanted to enhance it into heirloom-quality artwork, as it deserved to be.

So I did.  I turned his snapshot into an “Elegant Expressions” piece.  This involved many hours of digitally painting each element in the image, brush stroke by brush stroke, by hand.


“Elegant Expressions”

This new image was printed on 11×17 canvas and framed.  He gave this as gifts to each child and his sister-in-law (and one for himself) this Christmas.

My friend, Jim, is a special guy.  We found that we have a lot in common, despite the 33 year age difference.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our discussions over the last couple months (I also had the honor of photographing him, but can’t show those, as they may very well be in my competition portfolio for 2015.)

Take care, Jim.

Can’t help but one more beach image

Gone to the beach

Was commissioned to photograph these 2 little cuties.

Because even my kids asked… { Nashville, NC photographer }

You may have seen my van around…  (please excuse the bad cell phone image)

I thought it was time for a change.

Thought I would just have it removed quietly, but then my kids asked when I brought it home, “Are you not photographing anymore?” and they knew I just has a session at the beach last week!  So I knew I needed to make some kind of announcement.

Some images from recent sessions from the “Contemporary Black” series …

Award-winning image { raleigh, nc photographer }


Such a fun surprise to learn that one of my images submitted into the Southeastern Professional Photographers of America (SEPPA) Annual Print Competition earned the title, “Distinguished Portrait” in the Children category.

This competition includes Maryland, WV, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  There were 1,027 photographic entries.  Two of my allowed 4 submissions earned merits, which means they scored 80 + out of 100 points possible.  This is not an easy feat, especially in the children’s category (children don’t always put their hands in the exact correct spot ; )  One of my merited images, “Zeke,” earned me the “Distinguished Portrait” award.  There is 1st place, then 2 “Distinguished” awards per category.

Here it is…

This image is from the new series “Gallery Black and White” offered for the first time this year.

F a c e b o o k
M o r e   i n f o