A little about me : )

I’m 40 (yes, I KNOW I look younger), I’m from WV (up around Pittsburgh, PA), and I’ve been married 17 years to a WONDERFUL man : )

My favorite color is green, with brown apparently running a close second. I’ve been wondering what that means about me if brown is a favorite color. You’d think having a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I would automatically know that, but “favorite color” was not in any of my textbooks : )

My favorite images are intense close-ups (as you may already tell). I love dramatic, compelling images. Fun and goofy are great, too! But if I had to pick only one style, it would be dramatic.

My approach to photographing children, though, is candidly, as they don’t need any help in giving me those adorable looks. I like using a long lens to allow me to step back and let the child “do their thing,” catching those shy looks, playful faces, and curious stares. The things THEY come up with surpass any formal posing I could ever do. I make suggestions and let them run with it. And that’s exactly what most do, RUN! : )

Kids are hysterical.

I have 5.

Soooo much fun!

Can’t wait to photograph your family! Every session is like Christmas and so unique.

I’m so lucky to get to do this!

Thank you,
Angela,   Certified Professional Photographer

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